– This is the true story of how everything started for me.

– This is the true story of how everything started for me.

Olá, I'm Luis Marques. An ACD/Art Director working at BBDO LA.

I was born on a tiny little rock in the Atlantic Ocean (Madeira Island) where the main industry comes from perhaps your retired grandparents — that is, if they're the kind who wear white socks with sandals on a hot sunny day.

When you live in a place where everyone else vacations, it's hard to imagine that you'd ever want to live on the "outside". For me, it all started the day my father was laid off from his job at the hotel.

I was nine years old at the time and my dad, newly "available," was looking for his next endeavor. He saw a business opportunity from his days at the hotel: creating brand identities for them. So at 41 years old, he learned how to use COREL Draw. I was eager to learn too, so I became his assistant. We draw logos together and pretty much explored the entire typeface catalog of Windows. Garamond was a favorite within the serifs. We'd discuss our designs and decide which ones we'd bring to the client. 

From there production would begin. We design by day and print by night. We printed hundreds and hundreds of food menus in a "fancy" Epson Stylus inkjet printer and we would meticulously assemble them one by one. He taught me you should never give up, that there’s no greater reward than the feeling of having given it your all, and no matter what happens, hard work is the answer to everything.



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